Fantastic Realms

The Illuminati

February 12, 2021

Dave Haynes and Terry West reveal a secret society within Fantasy Games & Comics: The Illuminati!

Find out what's new for the shop and what's coming very soon!

Plus we chat about the latest episode of 'WandaVision,' and how Dave walked to school in 23 feet of snow, uphill... both ways (or something like that). We also cover the firing of 'The Mandalorian' star Gina Carano (Cara Dune), and the continuing trials and tribulations of Joss Whedon. 

Fantasy Games & Comics is online! Shop the store online at! You can pick up in-store or have your items shipped to you!


  • Weekend D&D: Every Saturday from 1 to 4 pm, and Sundays from 1 to 3 pm! We have two new DMs and everyone is welcome! Sunday's game is geared toward a younger group
  • Weekend Gaming Spotlight! Every Saturday at 10 am Fantasy Games & Comics are starting a new in-store gaming featuring 'Marvel Crisis Protocol' and more!
  • Thursday Mature D&D is going strong! Join up with an experienced group of adventurers on its new night, Thursday at 6 pm. 
  • Sunday Paint: Every Sunday bring your characters in to paint with Dave. This is a paint free-for-all! 

Recorded live every Friday (usually) at noon at Fantasy Games & Comics on the corner of F and 1st Streets in historic downtown Salida, Colorado.

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