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FIBArk Returns To Salida

June 20, 2021

Dave Haynes and Terry West celebrate the nation's oldest whitewater festival - FIBArk (First In Boating on the Arkansas). Every June, since 1949, except during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the festival consumes Salida, Colorado with whitewater boat races, events, music, and people from around the world.  

Dave and Terry talk about the impact of the festival on Salida's downtown businesses, and the return of the F Street Pedestrian Mall.  

We also discuss the potential return of DC's Snyder-verse, early reviews of Marvel's Black Widow, and break down the first two episodes of the new Marvel/Disney+ series Loki

We're hosting a premier party for Marvel's Black Widow! The movie premiers in theaters and on Disney+ on July 9th. We'll host a viewing party Sunday, July 11th at 6 pm. Everyone's invited! Free, but please support the shop.

Shop Fantasy Games & Comics online at! You can pick up in-store or have your items shipped to you! Recorded live every Sunday (usually) at Fantasy Games & Comics on the corner of F and 1st Streets in historic downtown Salida, Colorado. Come join us! 

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