Fantastic Realms

Episode 99: Figuring Out The Buttons

June 25, 2022

Dave Haynes and Terry West take a look behind the scenes on our 99th episode. How did this thing called "Fantastic Realms" get started?

And the countdown to the 100th episode of Fantastic Realms is on! Join us June 29th, 2022, at 6 pm for a very special podcast. We'll have guest galore, surprises, and everyone gets a free puppy! Okay... no puppies... but surprises!

And mark your calendar for July 31st, 2022 for the next Salida Fantasy Con! 

Fantasy Games & Comics is online! Shop the store online at! Recorded live every Wednesday (usually) at Fantasy Games & Comics on the corner of F and 1st Street in historic downtown Salida, Colorado.

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