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An Avenger Is Suing Disney

August 3, 2021

Dave Haynes and Terry West are back!  

An Avenger just brought a lawsuit against Disney. Scarlett Johansson has sued the House of Mouse over lost wages on Marvel's Black Widow while Disney rebukes her claims characterizing her as greedy and insensitive during a global pandemic. She claims they ignored her contract and now she stands to lose nearly $50 million due to their simultaneous release in theaters and on their streaming service. Who's right? Does Disney have to pay her for streaming?

Dave and Terry talk about the impact of the F Street Pedestrian Walking Mall on Salida's downtown businesses, how the Marvel/Disney+ series Loki broke the Marvel Cinematic Universe in wonderful ways, and the multiple Batman... um, Batmen... in the new Flash movie. Plus we preview James Gunn's reboot/sequel The Suicide Squad

It's a rich, full podcast! Let's get to it!

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